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Hair Types

Hair loss is not primarily tied to a specific hair type and is mainly genetically inherited, as well as influenced by hormones, underlying health conditions, and hair care practices. However, there are some characteristics of these hair types that can be looked into, in order to be able to have a healthier scalp.

grey hair couple.jpg

Grey Hair

Can grey hair be successfully transplanted? Will I have different hair coloured patches after my transplant? These are a couple of the big questions people may ask us when thinking to invest in hair restoration for grey hair.

The good thing is we are here to help you understand the relationship between grey hair and hair loss and explore the reasons why it would be useful for you to consult with our expert hair transplant doctors.

afro hair_edited.jpg

Afro Hair

How risky is a hair transplant for Afro hair? Will the procedure be effective for me? These concerns are understandable for anyone who is looking to undergo a hair restoration operation. Afro hair is a special hair type and you may explore the reasons why here.

You can rest assured that we will do our best to answer your queries and fill you in on everything you might not know about these procedures in order to choose the best one to target your needs.

Long Hair

Can I have a normal hair transplant if I have long hair? Will the transplant be permanent? Yes and yes! We understand that one of the biggest obstacles to having a transplant sometimes is shaving the area where the implantation of new hair will take place. 

This is why we are here to explain all about long hair transplantation, the best option, so that you can go back to your usual activities in no time.

Ginger type.jpg

Ginger Hair

Can redheads have hair transplants? Is my ginger hair difficult to transplant? Light-coloured hair people, like gingers, may sometimes think that they cannot restore their hair when they experience hair loss, due to the fairness of the roots and follicles. 


We are here to give you an answer and help you check whether you are suitable for a transforming hair transplant.

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