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With modern and updated technology and tools, patients with longer hair can now have amazing, natural-looking results with the Long Hair Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique - or Unshaven FUE. 

This is the same procedure as the traditional FUE - minimally invasive transplant - however, without the need to shave the hair from the donor region.


Due to its nature, this operation can take longer and be more tiring, which is why you will need a skilled and experienced surgeon to carry out the procedure from start to finish.

Long Hair Transplant

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How is a transplant effective with long hair?

There are a few different options you can explore when having your consultation with our expert surgeon, but the most modern procedure for a long hair transplant is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This is an excellent and most effective surgical method when performed by skilled hair transplant doctors.

Getting to know your doctor before your operation and creating a preoperative plan according to what you need, is the best way to ensure you reach the highest success rate on any hair transplant, and especially on more difficult and time-consuming procedures, such as this one.

At Best Health Hair we are committed to giving you the best treatments, with professionalism and care. You can book a free consultation to learn more details and personalise your treatment according to what you

need to achieve.

What happens to my hair after the transplant?

After having a long hair transplantation the new hair will

still shed after a few hair cycles, the same way it would after

a traditional shaven FUE (or FUT) transplant.


You will get a preview of the results a few weeks before the

hair sheds, and afterwards the healthy transplanted root will

start growing new hair again normally. This is a gradual process

and the best results will be seen about 9-12 months after the operation.

Find out more about the specifics of your afro hair transplant!

Advantages of long hair transplants

One main advantage of an unshaven hair transplant is that it minimises greatly the visible signs of a surgery. That means that it is made possible to quickly return back to everyday activities without the fear of showing scabs or redness. However, long hair transplants will usually be more expensive than traditionally shaven hair transplants.

Another advantage is that with a long hair transplant, there are fewer grafts implanted in the target areas - in comparison with the shaven hair transplant - so the recovery time for patients could be shorter.

Although, because of this it may take a couple of more sessions to achieve the level of density required - depending on the patient's needs. 




One more great advantage that has been recorded by patients is having less postoperative pain with the FUE treatment. That means that not only can the patients hide any signs of surgery but also feel better sooner than with some other operations.

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