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Causes Of Hair Loss in Women

What are the most common causes?

1. Women experience hormonal changes such as:

  1. Pregnancy

  2. After childbirth

  3. Menopause

2. Certain hairstyles and products can cause hair loss - for example;

  • Tight Buns

  • Tight Ponytails

  • Dreadlocks

  • Any type of hairstyle that consists of the hair being pulled tightly together

  • Tightly braided hair

  • Hair extensions/weaves

  • Using heat products can also damage your hair

The best hairstyles to prevent hair loss:

  • Loose braid

  • Using the right products suited for your hair type.

3. Another common cause of hair loss would be stress, this can occur in anyone - both men and women, stress pushes against the hair follicles and puts them into a resting phase.

4. Certain medications and medical conditions can affect hair growth/cause hair loss such as: 

  • Pregnancy - being the most common

  • Thyroid disorders

  • Anaemia

  • Low vitamin D levels

  • Polycystic ovaries syndrome

  • Alopecia


  • Blood thinning medication

  • Antidepressants

  • Epilepsy medication

  • Arthritis, inflammation drugs

What foods prevent hair loss?

  • Eggs - they contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

  • Fatty fish - contains fatty acids, omega-3 and vitamin D.

  • Leafy greens - Leafy greens are packed with minerals, vitamins and fibre.

  • Fruit - They are a source of vitamins, minerals, folate, vitamin C and potassium.

  • Nuts and seeds - sources of protein, healthy fats, fibres and vitamins and minerals.


8 million women in the UK experience hair loss or alopecia.

To book in for a free hair consultation or for any information please give us a call on 01708477577 or email us at . We have a range or treatment options including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), medications, estradex drops, hair loss shampoos and vitamins. We also offer hair transplant or scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) for adding density.

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