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Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Losing your eyebrows can be very devastating and can have a stigma attached. This can have a psychological effect on the person involved.

Usually hair is removed from a suitable donor area (normally by a FUE treatment) and transplant to the eyebrow to create a naturally looking eyebrow.

Our hair restoration surgeons can help restore your hair line following the right direction by following the right angles, orientation to help create the right eyebrow for you.

What does eyebrow thinning look like?

Eyebrow hair transplantation can be a very efficient way to give your eyebrows a full, natural look. Whether you experience thinning because of alopecia, or as a result of overplucking or because of an accident and scarring, we can consult with you and help you achieve your eyebrow goals.

Close up of black woman's thinning eyebrow and eye
Close up of white woman very thin eyebrow and eye
Close up of white woman eyebrow with scar and missing hair thinning hair and eye
Close up of elderly woman with thinning eyebrow and very light hair and deep blue eye

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Facial Hair Transplant

Facial hair for men can sometimes be patchy, so facial hair transplants can be the way forward to help get a fuller more uniform and dense stubble.


Hair transplants can also be used for hiding scars, though hairs may not always grow in this area, this can be reviewed further to see whether this would be successful and that the scar has a vascular supply. 

What does facial hair/beard thinning look like?

Facial hair or beard transplantation is a very effective way to get a healthy, natural looking beard. Whether you may be experiencing beard thinning due to alopecia, or due to scars, or from infections, we understand your frustration and we are here to listen, examine and provide you with the best treatment that would be unique to your case.

Face close up of white man with thinning and missing beard, facial hair
Face close up of black man with thinning beard
Face close up of mixed race man with bald spots on facial hair and thinning
Face close up of white man with short hair and bald spots in trimmed thinning beard
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